About Us

At Add-Vantage Consulting Group our mission is to help our clients identify and successfully act upon opportunities for substantial new growth. We deliver on this mission by leveraging our people, processes, experience and insights.

We have substantial experience in finding and delivering opportunities for extending existing businesses, as well as building new businesses. We bring both breadth and depth to our analysis, with rich experience in a number of industries, as well as processes for gaining rapid understanding of new markets. Working with clients from the Global Fortune 500, we understand and overcome the intricacies of innovating within large, complex organizations. With international experience we help our clients to address differing regional requirements.

Proven Processes
Our processes have been successfully applied in a varied array of markets and contexts. Our network-based approach enables rapid identification of key players, drivers and unmet needs. Our early prototyping approach enables tangible and actionable discussion and learning in terms of feasibility, cost, timelines and customer impact.

External Perspective
We bring external perspective to our clients in a manner that expands their thinking and informs their decision making. By understanding the economics, key drivers, goals and pain-points across the value chain we help our clients to stand-in-the-shoes of suppliers, competitors, customers and other participants in their target markets.

Innovative Ideas
With years of experience in new product, solution and business creation, innovative thinking just comes naturally. Our ability to translate even unspoken customer needs into tangible and deliverable solutions sets us apart.

Collaborative Approach
We work closely with our clients in a collaborative, team-oriented approach that transfers knowledge each step of the way.

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