Opportunity Discovery

Creating substantial growth that extends beyond gains from incremental improvements requires a holistic understanding of relevant markets, players, motivations and forces. We help our clients understand the broader opportunity space that surrounds their current operation as a first step to identifying actionable opportunities.

Market Mapping and Sizing
Describing market composition, segmentation and key players and high-level economics in an intuitive and visual manner provides a quick overview of a market space and whether growth opportunities may exist.

Value Chain Analysis
Diagramming the value chain with emphasis on economics, drivers and key players shows who’s making money in a selected market space, and where.

Industry Perspective
Industries and market spaces are continuously transforming with new technologies, entrants, regulation and customer requirements. Understanding the big picture with input from participants from all points in the value chain provides an informed backdrop for decision making.

Workflow Mapping
Understanding the activities, tools and techniques used by potential customers helps to identify unmet needs, integration issues and potential value propositions. This activity also identifies the pain-points in a process, elucidating needed solutions and components. By recognizing the critical unmet needs and translating them into solutions, companies can achieve significant growth.

Customer Needs Assessment
Understanding what customers are asking for both explicitly and implicitly is an important component of meeting their needs. Translating those needs into tangible requirements is the beginning of value proposition development.

Client Capabilities Assessment
The identification of opportunities is not in itself sufficient for achieving growth. An examination of existing and evolving competencies and connections is key to evaluating risks and identifying partnership needs.

Competitive Mapping
As companies move into adjacent market spaces they will encounter new competitors with different economics, competencies and motivations. Understanding who these competitors are and how they may react is critical to strategic planning.

Initial Idea Development
The goal of opportunity discovery is to identify unmet needs and translate them into initial value propositions with sufficient specificity to begin to model form, economics and market receptiveness. Idea development provides a set of value propositions and approaches to meeting unmet needs that can then be evaluated in depth; selecting the more compelling options for further development, and optimizing resources.

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