Planning and Market Testing

Planning for the implementation of a new offering includes a more detailed description of the solution, as well as a tangible embodiment of the concept that can be shown and discussed with relevant parties. This enables more accurate modeling of the economics, obtaining actionable customer feedback, and the definition of key implementation tasks. Most often this information is embodied in a business plan and request for funding.

Detailing Value Propositions
While a simple conceptual description may serve in early development stages, more detailed and tangible descriptions increase the ability to receive actionable feedback as employees, partners and customers react to a more concrete proposition. With this approach, feedback is more specific and will serve to enhance and sharpen the proposition and its presentation.

In-Market Feedback
Taking a new proposition to real customers provides invaluable insight in a number of areas. This approach enables a company to gauge interest, understand barriers to adoption and collaborate with the decision makers that will potentially purchase its new offering.

Business Plan Development
The business plan is both an organizational and communications tool for moving concept development forward. The structure of the plan ensures that all aspects from concept through launch and stewardship are considered. Further, its detail allows clear and concise communication of the concept, its financial potential, related risks and plans for implementation.

Economic Modeling
A realistic model of the financial impacts of a new offering is an important component of business plans and funding requests as it projects whether the effort will be worthwhile. Our iterative approach to financial modeling allows for the enhancement of initial models as the development process provides new information by testing and revising assumptions.

Plan for Delivery
Implementation of new offerings is complex and multi-dimensional. Developing a detailed plan that includes timelines and milestones for each of these dimensions is critical to success. Further, plans that link actions and spending provide a higher degree of control as well as early warning of deviations from plan.

Requests for Funding
Often a formal request for funding from internal or external sources is a required step in the development of new offerings. Here we provide both request development assistance and external perspective, anticipating questions and concerns of management and other funding sources.

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