Solution Delivery

Implementing new customer solutions requires detailed specifications for development and production personnel. These specifications may reveal the need to secure access to external technologies and resources. In addition to development and technology procurement, partner and channel development may be required. Finally, developing a repeatable and extensible business model is critical to success in new markets.

Detailed Requirements
To prepare for implementation, requirements must contain enough detail to enable development resources to construct, and for production resources to deliver the offering. These requirements are built upon the initial value propositions developed earlier, adding the appropriate level of focus for development and production audiences.

Securing Technology
Often all the components of a new solution are not available “in-house”, and additional technology must be licensed or acquired. Identifying and procuring suitable technology on reasonable terms is a critical element of delivery. Further, acquired or licensed technology must fit within the solution’s longer-term technology roadmap.

Partner / Channel Selection
As companies extend into adjacent spaces they sometimes lack all the competencies needed to successfully deliver their solution. In these cases, partnering can be utilized to fill in technical, marketing, distribution or other gaps. Selecting the right partner and the right terms can have a significant effect on the success of new initiatives.

Effective use of branding can enhance an offering’s appeal, raise its price point, and speed its adoption. Developing a logical brand architecture and strategy can be a key element in properly positioning an offering in the marketplace.

Business Model Development
Sometimes new offerings require new business models to be successful. Exploring, modeling, and testing these models prior to launch increase the chances for success.

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