Valuation and Selection

Valuation and selection of specific opportunities to pursue depends on a clear and detailed delineation of a compelling value proposition. With a tangible description of the new offering, discussions can focus on the specific merits, costs, feasibility and issues of the proposed solution, enabling selection, business modeling and customer feedback.

Develop Value Propositions
Describing potential solutions and customer value propositions in sufficient detail to obtain actionable feedback informs decision making on a number of fronts. A detailed description advances thinking about technical and market feasibility, cost and pricing, as well as market reception.
Economic Analysis
Understanding the underlying economic impact of a proposed new offering gives key insight into its feasibility. Our approach is to model both client and customer economics as well as to understand financial effects for other relevant parties. Since complete information is not always available, our method notes assumptions early, and then details the activities required to increase confidence in these assumptions as the process progresses.

Early Prototyping
Having a tangible description, picture or prototype of a new offering early in the process can be extremely valuable. The level and quality of discussion of an offering’s merits, feasibility, and costs is raised substantially when there is a concrete embodiment of the concept. With our rapid prototyping approach, we develop a tangible “straw man” prototype early in the process and elicit comments and suggestions to iteratively improve the concept.

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